It recently dawned on me that I've never done an essentials for a night out post, so I since I'm going out tomorrow night, I thought I'd compile some of my essentials that I tend to abide by for going out whether it's to a party or just to a fancy restaurant as I love making an effort even just to go out to dinner, because it's fun...Need I say no more!
On a night out a primer is essential to keep makeup in place and to increase the longevity and wear of it. I personally always opt for the Maybelline Pore Eraser primer, which is a silicon-based primer, which has the slightest bit of tackiness that allows the foundation to adhere to it better! I love a good highlight on a daily basis, but more importantly for a night out! My favourites for a bold highlight are Global Glow by MAC and the No7 Skin Illuminator. Both of these catch the light beautifully and give a natural but evident highlight in the key areas. The Essie polishes in Summit of Style and Set in Stones are my personal favourites!
I love a bold lip all day everyday … literally! But especially for a night out or special occasions. Some would think that a bold lip is too messy and too much hassle, which it can be but if you stick to matte lipsticks and lacquers, there should be very little, if any movement! Sin and Diva by MACare two gorgeous deep vampy shades for a bold matte lip and with regards to lacquers; I find no fault in the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers in Meteoric Matte and Eclipse!
Glitter If you can’t whack out the glitter on a night out, when can you? I love incorporating glitter into my look on a night out and there is a multitude of ways of being able to do so without it looking like glitter-overload! I love wearing glitter on the eye or nails. For the eyes a semi-pressed pigment is quick and easy, the L’Oreal Colour Infallible is a beautiful bronzey shade that looks gorgeous on the centre of the lid or inner corner. Nails are easy to tackle, a little bit of glitter polish on the tips or as an accent nail is beaut! Scents are so important on a night out, if you’re going to get dolled to the nines, you may as well have a nice scent so that you smell nice as well as look nice! I’ve already written a post about my staple scents, which cover some of my favourite categories with regards to fragrances such as floral, fruity, sweet and musky.
What are some of your essentials for a night out?

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