I love a clutch bag and seem to have an ever-expanding collection of them. I love how you can wear them at night as well as during the day in a more casual fashion. I thought I’d share with you some of my current clutch bag essentials as I’m sure many of you will be heading out for Valentine's day. The latest clutch bag to my stash is the small teal Whistles clutch.

Starting off with beauty products, a lipstick is an absolute essential for the obvious reason which is to top up your lipstick which is notorious for wearing off in between the drinking and eating you’ll probably be doing. My go-to lipsticks for going out are Diva and Sin, both my MAC as well as Charlotte Tilbury in Glastonberry. Powder is also a necessity in case you get oily throughout the day/night; I know I do especially since my nose resembles Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Bobbi pins and hair bands are a must especially on a night out because we’ve all been there when you start off the night with your hair down and looking lovely however when it gets to the end of the night, you just want it out of your face and off your neck. I also bring a little dinky fragrance to top up whilst out and about. I’d opt for a small Jo Malone fragrance in Peony&Blush suede.
Onto some more practical essentials such as your purse, phone and keys. I’d bring an oyster cardholder to pop in any cards and loose change so that it doesn’t take up too much room or weigh down your clutch with unnecessary receipts and beauty cards. I also have a bottle opener on my keys, which could also be regarded as an essential to some. Lastly, I’d bring mints or polo’s to keep my breath fresh to death (not literally).
What are some of your clutch bag essentials?

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