As much as I love watching what’s in my bag videos, I love watching what’s on my iPhone videos too, I just love seeing how everyone organises the masses amounts of apps on their phones and the best and most current apps that are being used! I personally don’t have many apps on my phone as it takes up too much memory and I’d rather save it for photos to be honest. So my essential apps are as follows…
Twitter – To ramble about anything and everything … want to see? Follow @LottieChristmas
Instagram – To post my latest ventures, outfits and posts … want to pree? Follow @LottieChristmas
Facebook – To supposedly keep in touch with friends and family but it’s boring and I’ve abandoned it!
Vine – Gotta love those seven second videos!
iTube – To listen to my favourite current music while on commute as it doesn’t need wifi!
Afterlight – The app I use to edit my instagram photos
Snapchat – The app I spend too much time posting on!
Squareready – I don’t actually use this for instagram, but to resize for any profile photos.
Upload Roll – The app I use to send pictures from my Camera Roll to snapchat
Favourite Blogs – Interested in the blogs I read? Check out my Blogroll!
Bank App – Gotta check how much moo-lah I can spend!
Tube Map – If I don’t know how to get somewhere, I leave it all up to this app!
Bus Times – I don’t leave the house unless my bus is coming in less than 5 minutes, why wait in the cold! 
What are some of your favourite things on your phone?

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