I've recently been going over the bbloggers hashtag more than usual and I noticed a recurring theme which people were mentioning; it was the fact that they want to blog but they don't have the budget, so although I wouldn't say I stick to a budget, I don't spend an obscene amount and I thought I'd compile my tips and tricks for those of you in the same position as the aforementioned.

Someone actually mentioned that they don't have the money to buy new products to write about. My best piece of advice would be to firstly use the products that you have, as it means you can try it out a lot more than once or twice and you can then provide your readers with more insight about it. The second thing would be to write edits. Personally edits are one of my favourite things to write as they feature products that you enjoy which may not always reoccur on your blog. Edits are also very current and there's always an event you could base your edit on, whether it be a party picks, Valentine's themed or even a celebrity event. There's always something going on which could feature on your blog!

You don't need any snazzy lighting for blogging. You could always edit later or turn up the ISO on your camera. In all honesty I do use lighting but only to get rid of shadows in my photos. But if you use natural light, the pictures will come out a lot more true to form and natural. You also don't need an expensive camera. When I started out I used everything and anything I had to hand, such as an iPad, a phone, an old digital camera literally anything! The only thing I would say with regards to lighting is to try and make your subject in focus as its a lot more appealing to your readers!

Do you have any tips for blogging on a budget?