When it comes to brows, they’re all the rage at the moment, especially with the likes of stunning models such as Cara Delavigne bringing the thick eyebrows back on the beauty front. I don’t actually have thick, bushy brows nor do I have thin brows, they’re somewhat in between, which I’m pretty happy with.  But regardless of whether you have thick or thin brows, there are so many brow products on the market in both the drugstore and high end. The most important thing to remember is eyebrows are sisters not twins, so it’s very rare that they’re both going to be the exact same, especially if like me, your brow arches are in two different places.

The Taming: Once a month, I go and get my eyebrows threaded to keep them in check and to get the neat shape back. I always ask for a tidy up of the annoying little hairs underneath, above the brow and in the middle (no monobrow for me!). I also ask the lady to start with the thicker brow first so that she doesn’t try and remove too much for them to match.
The Tweezers: Having a decent pair of tweezers is key because if there are any annoying strays, I just use my Tweezerman tweezer which is the best tweezer I’ve ever used and is so sharp it gets all of the little pesky hairs until my next brow appointment.

The Products: I use so many different brow products, but they all come in handy at different times and do different things for my brows. When I want to quickly fill in my brows and go, I use the Sleek Brow Stylist as it has a relatively large nib and does the job without applying too much product. When I want to fill in the front of my brows, which are a bit sparse, I use the Soap & Glory Brow Archery as it has a really fine nib and can focus on any areas, which need a bit more precision. I sometimes use The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kitwhen I want to use a powder for a slightly thicker brow with more texture. I do sometimes use an actual pencil, I’ve found two that I like, the first being the Maybelline Mastershapebrow pencil and the other one is the Beauty UK Simple Define brow pencil, which are good if you’re in a rush. I've recently started using the Illamasqua Brow Precision Gel in Strike which is a mousse type product with is the best for a sharply defined brow!

The Brow Set: I have very unruly brows, and unless I set them, they’ll be on the complete other side of my face by twelve o’clock (slight exaggeration), but I do set them so that they stay in place. The Maybelline Brow Drama is the best that I’ve tried so far as it not only adds a bit of colour to the brows, but also sets them in place, to the point where when I get home in the evening, they’re in the same place as they were the in the morning.

Tools: There are a certain set of tools that I use for my brows and depending on what products I'm using, will determine what tools I use. If I'm using a powder, then I use a small, dinky angled brush. If I'm using a mousse brow product, I use the Real Techniques Liner Brush. However, regardless of what I'm using on my brows, I use the Daniel Sandler Brow Groomer to make sure my brows are in the right direction.
What products do you like to use for your eyebrows?

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