If you’re an avid ready of my blog, you’ll probably know that my favourite foundation is currently the ByTerry Cover Expert foundation (hence the title!).  I initially picked this foundation up on a whim; it was very much an impromptu purchase, as I don’t really tend to randomly pick up products that I have researched first. When I got home I read up some reviews (totally backwards way of purchasing, I know) and someone wrote “Expensive, but totally worth the money” and from then on, I knew that this foundation was going to be a winner! 

The foundation is packaged in a tube, which in all honesty isn’t my favourite, I much prefer a bottle as I think it’s more aesthetically pleasing, but if you travel a lot, then this form of packaging would probably be more suitable. However, with that being said, it does make it easier to control the amount of product that’s dispersed. The only quam I have with the packaging is that the writing does wear off and with an expensive product I wouldn’t expect it to.

The foundation itself is has a nice velvet finish which makes it very versatile; if you want a matte finish, you can apply a powder and for a more dewy finish, apply an illuminating primer beforehand or highlight after. This foundation leave the face looking very natural and it blends in so easily. I’ve worn this for day and night and I haven’t noticed it to flashback in photos and it only ever so slightly oxidizes. It’s a nice medium coverage that can be worn relatively sheer, or built up to full coverage, covering most blemishes. Regardless of how much product you apply, it still remains a really lightweight product.

There is quite a broad shade range, of 14 colours varying from very pale to relatively dark. This product has an RRP of £45.00 and there’s 35ml worth of product (more than most other foundations). 

Have you tried this foundation? What’s your current favourite base product?

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