Since becoming a blogger two and  a half years ago, I’ve come across some of the same repeated questions and so I thought I’d touch upon some of the ones that somewhat got under my skin or annoyed me.
1. Why are you always blogging?
I’m personally not always blogging; I’d get bored if I wrote all day everyday. I actually dedicate one full day to do blogging related things, whether it’s taking photos, writing posts or responding to emails etc. Anyway, back to the question, if spending one day a week means I’m “always blogging” then I’m always blogging because I love it. Comprende?

2. Do you need all those foundations/lipsticks?
Yes I do. Being a blogger, means that I also read an insane amount of other blogs and I seem to be persuaded to part with my cash for various different things. Having different versions of the same things allows me to write about so much more whether it’s a comparisons or dupes post. In my defense, I don’t have as much as some other bloggers and I do genuinely use what I have!

3. How can you just sit and write all day?
Blogging is something I love and when you’re doing something you love and enjoy, the time just passes and before I know it an entire day has gone because I’ve gotten so engrossed in it! But it’s just like any hobby, for example musicians can spend hours and days trying to perfect their work, blogging is the same. 

4. Do you even do anything?
Running a consistent blog requires a lot more than what meets the eye. It’s much more than quickly spending five minutes writing a post and taking a picture and posting it. I dread to think about the amount of posts I’ve written and deleted as they weren’t “up to scratch”. Finding something to write about can be hard in itself and just keeping on track is a task on its own; not to mention the photography aspect, I’m no photographer, but I have been on multiple courses to try and improve on it.

5. Why are you so selective with what you put on social media, particularly instagram?
I see social networking sites all as extensions of my blog. Instagram is one of my favourite forms of social media and it coincides with my blog, which is primarily minimal and white, and I like to portray the same thing on my Instagram. So yes, sometimes I won’t post pictures from a night out, as it will break the continuity of my instagram theme.  If you want to see behind m the scenes of my Instagram feed, you can add me on snapchat (charlottexmas).

6. Can you get me free stuff?
Haha, you’re funny. I don’t actually get as much “free” stuff as some would think. If I were to do a ratio of things I got sent to the things that I purchased myself, the latter option would totally outweigh the former option; which if I was in it for the freebies would irritate me, but since I’m not, I’m absolutely cool with it!

7. Can you help me start a blog so I can get free stuff?

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