The La Roche Posay Serozinc is a toning mist that’s supposed to target blemishes, marks (from scarring) and assist with excess oiliness, as well as that it’s also meant to help tighten the appearance of pores too. Serozinc is has many uses, one being as a toner to be used between the stages of cleansing and moisturizing which is how I like to use it, however it can also be used throughout the day to refresh the skin, even over makeup.
There are three main ingredients, La Roche-Posay’s ultra-soothing thermal spring water, healing zinc sulphate and astringent sodium chloride; all of which make magic in a blue can!

This product is a dream, especially for those early mornings, as it’s super refreshing and cooling on the skin and really helps to revive and wake me up! I have quite an oily t-zone and an extra oily nose and I find that it really helps to keep some of the oil at bay. I’m also unfortunate enough to have really bad acne-prone skin and when I use this, I find that my marks are really tamed down and my breakouts aren’t as harsh as usual. I just love how quick it is to apply; as you just spray it all over the face, allow it to sink in and move onto your serum.
I enjoy using this product so much; that it’s actually made it’s way into my current morning and evening skincare routine! It’s definitely something that I’m going to repurchase, because as far as toners go, this is my absolute favourite from all that I’ve tried!  

Have you tried this? What’s your verdict?

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