There are so many of us bloggers on the blogosphere now, however we’re all individuals and carry out different tasks in our day-to-day lives. Some bloggers are parents, teachers, have full-time jobs, and careers; and I happen to be a student. My day-to-day mundane usually consists of going to college on the weekdays and then going to work on the weekends. However I don’t need to share with you my usual and uninteresting day-to-day as I’m sure most of you have been through it or are currently going through it and know it like the back of your hand. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was on study leave for my exams, so things were a little different at the time, as I only went in when I had exams and I could fill my days however I want, provided I was being productive. Again, I’m sure you don’t care to see my revision timetable, so I thought I’d share a more interesting day. Unfortunately my exams were looming, therefore I did have to do some revision that day, anyway, and it’s a more realistic vision into a more blogger-like day for me. So here’s some insight of Tuesday 12th May 2015… 

08:00: Plan and write a blog post.
08.30: Go for a 45-minute power walk to kick start the day.
09.15: Have a shower, chuck on a hoody and have breakfast.
10.00: Start doing some Law revision
11.30: English revision.
13.00: Lunch.
13.30: Back to English Revision.
15.00: Blog admin, emails & scheduling posts.
15:30: Get ready, hair and makeup.
17.00: Head into Central London.
18.00: Caudalie event at The Sanderson Hotel.
21.00: Arrive home and have a shower.
12.30: Do some more English revision.
24.30: Bed.

What do you do on your typical days?

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