One of L’Oreal’s latest launches comes in the form of the La Palette Nude. This is an eyeshadow palette, which currently comes in two different tones. The Rose is a more pinky tone palette and Beige is much more neutral. 

The packaging is extremely lovely and perfect if you dabble in a lot of travelling, as it’s very slim and sleek, perfect to slip into your makeup bag! Within it is a long mirror, which is fantastic if, you happen to do your makeup on the go as it’s also accompanied with a double-ended applicator, great for those of you who may not have many brushes to hand!

There are 10 shadows within this palette all of which are stunning neutral shades. The quality of this palette isn’t one you would necessarily expect from the drugstore as the shadows apply really evenly. They are relatively pigmented too, with some shades you do need to build up the pigmentation for a nice wash of colour over the lid and they have a nice buttery consistency, providing a nice and even application.

Shade Description (Left-Right) 1. Creamy Highlight 2. Golden Beige 3. Light Matte Brown 4. Frosty Bronze 5. Shimmery Yellow 6. Cool Tone Brown 7. Warm Brown 8. Shimmery Brown 9. Dark Matte Brown 10. Charcoal Black.

Overall, I think this palette is fantastic if you’re just starting out in makeup, or even if you just want a good neutral palette! It’s extremely affordable at £14.99 and there are so many different looks you could create from it!


  1. such a beautiful palette! thank you for the review/recommendation
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/