If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you’ll know that I am the ultimate nail polish fiend and have been for as long as I can remember! I absolutely hate not having my nails painted, as it makes me feel somewhat incomplete. Even at school I wore nail polish, even though we weren’t allowed to just because of how much I love it. However despite my love for pretty nails, I’ve always had a problem with brittle nails and as a result, uneven nails. That was until I tried the Micro Nail Buffer*.

The Micro Nail Buffer is an electric nail polisher, which buffs and shines the nails and really preps the nails by creating an extremely smooth base ready for applying nail polish. Despite it being quick and easy to use, it still remains nice and gentle on the nails.

In the original set, you get the initial device, two smooth rollers (to buff) and two shine rollers. The buffer operates on batteries, which I actually like as it means there’s no cord and you don’t have to wait for it to charge. The rollers come in a neat, drawstring pouch and are available to purchase separately too, so there’s no need to repurchase the entire set. I personally use it every other week, just to make sure that my nails stay extra nice and smooth, as it’s much quicker than manually buffing your nails. Even when I remove my nail polish, my nails are still amazingly shiny and look as though I’ve applied a clear topcoat.

I actually really like this product, and I’ll definitely repurchase some new rollers for it, as I rely on it that much! It’s great for an ‘at home’ manicure as I find that it’s a less complex version of what’s used in nail shops. It retails for £39.99 (currently on offer for £19.99) and is available from Look Fantastic!

Have you tried this or something similar? What do you think?

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