Zoeva is a brand, which has received a lot of love and hype recently from so many bloggers. They are mostly renowned for their brushes, however they also produce other makeup products too. One of their most notorious products is the Rose Gold Brush Set. The brush set consists of eight different brushes, compiling of both face and eye brushes. 

FACE BRUSHES - The Silk Finish brush is perfect for achieving flawless foundation as it’s a really dense brush and somewhat amps up the coverage. The Concealer Buffer is great for applying concealer as well as powder to under the eye to set the concealer. The Face Shape is lovely for a defined contour, because it’s densely packed; it applied the product, exactly where you want it. The Sheer Cheek is amazing for applying blusher, especially if you’re heavy handed, as it doesn’t distribute too much product. The Powder Brush is good for what it says on the tin (or brush). 

EYE BRUSHES - The Wing Liner makes applying gel liner so much easier as it’s relatively long with regards to the bristles, which are somewhat densely packed. The Luxe Soft Definer is very much comparable to the MAC 217 brush and I love this for both applying and blending out my eyeshadow. It can make a shoddy eyeshadow job; look a lot more ‘put together’ and polished. The final brush is the Luxe Petit Crease brush is perfect for defining the crease as well as applying product on the lower lash line.

All of the brushes are made from natural and synthetic bristles and are a dream to wash. I use baby shampoo and they come out looking as good as new! As you can see, these brushes are aesthetically pleasing with the rose gold hardware and look a dream. This set of eight brushes retail for £56.95 and come with a nice matching makeup bag, with rose gold hardware!

Have you tried these brushes? What do yo think?!

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