Back in late October, I went to my hometown of Dominica in the Caribbean with some of my family. This holiday couldn’t have come at a better time, as I just needed a break from work and studying, having to either go to college or work 6 days a week was really starting to take its toll on me so I was so excited to go to somewhere with really nice weather where I didn’t have to wake up every morning for something or another. 

It’s taken me quite a while to compile my photos because as you can imagine, I took a lot; mainly of the beautiful scenic views as I have a tendency of capturing things rather than people, but I absolutely love some of the images that I captured and they capture the essence of Dominica beautifully.

Bubble Beach - One place that I went to the most whilst on holiday was Bubble Beach as it was just down the road from my nan’s house and meant that I could visit the beach frequently. Whenever I go on holiday, the beach or pool is always the first place I go to although I didn't go as many times as I thought I would or as much as I did last time I was in Dominica as there were so many dogs roaming around. There’s also a hot spot in the sea too which has sulphur and it’s so nice and relaxing to sit and relax in it which I obviously took advantage of!

We also visited a few other places, such as Mero Beach and ScottsHead. Mero Beach is a beach, typical of what you’d see at a holiday resort (of which this holiday was not) and Scots head allows you to see the beautiful view of Soufriere. The calmer side is the Caribbean Sea and the rough side is the Atlantic Ocean!

It was so lovely to take a break, especially with my trustee camera as it meant that I could capture the beautiful, scenic views!

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