Instagram is most definitely one of my favourite forms of social media. It’s most definitely an extension of my blog. The bright, white theme from my blog is also represented on my instagram feed (@lottiechristmas). Being a blogger, any form of social media is a representation of my blog and I like people to get a taster of what they’ll get on my blog, therefore I need to take pride in my photos and content.

I love to edit my photos, so I thought I’d share how I get my photos to look the way in which they do. Depending on the photography determines the type and how much editing I do. I’m fully aware that the ‘insta’ in Instagram is supposed to mean instant, but I very rarely post a photo instantly, I like to enhance and get the best I can out of them. Regardless of the photo, I use two editing apps and more recently, I’ve been using the filters provided by instagram. the two apps I use as VSCOcam and Afterlight; two very easy and fool-proof apps!

For beauty photos, such as makeup, I like to keep it to look just as it does in the flesh. Beauty photos take less editing than any of my other types of photos, I increase the brightness as I like the over-exposed look and because some of the original colour can be lost, I increase the saturation to counteract it.

When it comes to travel or location photos, my main goal is to keep the main focus of the photo. I love to enhance the beauty of the photo. To achieve this, I increase the brightness, saturation quite a fair bit to balance it out, but to make it look brighter to fit in with my instagram theme. I also increase the contrast a little bit, but not too much. For a picture like the above, I drastically increase the sharpness to get each nook and cranny of detail in the photograph, topped off by increasing the clarity a little bit.

For selfies, portrait and photos with anyone in them, I only increase the brightness and the saturation to balance it. On the odd occasion, I’ll increase the contrast if I feel like I need it or that it will make the overall photo look better!

How do you edit your instagram photos? Like my instagram? Go follow me @lottiechristmas!


  1. Great article, I always love to find out how other people edit their photos!

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! x

  2. Very cool post!! I never thought about this, but we do always edit our pictures and it's nice to see how others do it xD

    Rosie's Life

  3. nice post! editing is always key on instagram. so obsessed with it and just love looking at clean feeds
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you! I agree, I think it's important too, to get the best out of your photo! x