I recently decided that I wanted a new bedside table and I obviously went to my number one place for affordable furniture, IKEA! I came across the Nesna bedside table, however it only comes in one colour, beech. My room consists of white and silver, therefore beech would have stuck out like a sore thumb. I then took to my best friend Google and came across an IKEA hack, so I thought I’d do one myself.
The first thing I wanted to change up was obviously the colour and change it to white to match my bedroom. Another thing I wanted to do was to incorporate some marble. To achieve this I purchased some marble adhesive from eBay. I knew these two little changes would drastically change the overall appearance of the table and make it a lot more ‘me’.
 - IKEA Nesna Bedside Table
 - Paint
 - Paint Brush
 - Adhesive
 - Jakar Knife / Scissors
 - Pencil
 - Ruler

1. Take out all of the pieces for the Nesna Table
2. Paint the table’s individual dissembled pieces.
3. Give it a second coat of paint.
4. Assemble the table using the instructions provided by IKEA until the assembly of the glass.
5. Lay the glass on the adhesive.
6. Use the guidelines from the adhesive and leave 2cm extra and using the ruler, draw around the slab of glass.
7. Use the jakar knife to cut the adhesive.
8. Peel back the adhesive and apply it to the glass.
9. Use the ruler to ensure there are no bubbles.
10. Complete the rest of the assembly instructions.

Enjoy your new table!

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