The latest addition to my skincare routine is the Magnitone Lucid* which is a form of active electromagnetic technology with 10,000 gentle pulsations. There are two cleansing settings, the first is abrasive and the second is much more gentle, both accompanied with a one minute timer for a thorough cleanse. If you’re someone who likes to cleanse your face in the shower or someone who travels a lot, then this would be perfect it’s 100% waterproof and is perfect for travelling! 

I have the limited edition Pixie Lott version, however there are four other summery colours too. I was super excited when I found out that it would only take 48hrs to come with no additional cost for delivery! Alongside the cleanser, in the box there is also a headband to keep hair out of the way, a charger and an adapter and instructions as well as a code for one year’s warranty.

I like to use this by putting the head under the tap and removing any excess water so that it’s damp rather than soaking wet. I then like to use a foaming cleanser, currently The Body Shop Nutriganics cleanser and apply it all over the head. I tend to dot it on my forehead and cheeks and then using the second setting (the more gentle of the two) I move it all around my face and chin. I use this twice a day, once in the morning and in the evening.

I love the fact that this product thoroughly cleanses my skin, a hell of a lot better than I personally could manually. Since using this, I’ve had hardly any breakouts and I think it’s due to the fact that it removes a lot of the bacteria and makeup that would usually be on my skin. I really like using this in the morning as it’s extremely rejuvenating and it feels like it helps with blood circulation.

Have you tried anything like this?

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