Southbank is a place that holds a lot of memories for me. For the past few years, it’s somewhat been a tradition for my friends and I to go down and celebrate the end of our exams. Southbank is most definitely one of my favourite locations in London, especially in the summer.
I love sitting on the riverbank with my friends, just messing around and having a drink (not advised I know). There are so many amazing restaurants, however I do love to go back to what I know and have a good ol’ Nandos. My favourite Nandos restaurant happens to be the one in Southbank as nothing quite beats sitting outside in the beautiful weather enjoying a good meal. Topped off by jumping on some Boris bikes and riding around London.

Have you been to Southbank? If not what’s your favourite location in London?


  1. It looks gorgeous there - it must be a really special tradition for you :) I want to spend some more time up in London, and Southbank is now definitely on my list x