Gone are the days when I used to have more books than clothes. My bookshelf used to be filled to the brim with books, however a couple years ago I got rid of the majority of my books including Harry Potter and The Secret Garden, leaving books such as Fifty Shades etc. Those interested in English Literature and avid novel readers will probably be squirming in their seats! Anyway, having a huge book clear out left me with a lot of space on my bookshelf. 

The colour scheme for my room is white with silver/chrome accents. I wanted this reciprocated in my bookshelf too. There is however a hint of colour though. I have no place for my DVDs so I have no choice but to keep them on my bookshelf, however my CDs have been demoted to a CD holder thingy. I decided to gather some accessories to fill the void in the bookshelf and to make it appear more put together and organised. To keep some of the following things together, I’ve placed them on two IKEA candle trays.

Obviously for ornamental purposes and not to be lit. I have these glittery white and silver candles, which I picked up from Sainsbury’s. I also have a soy candle that has my initial on it from ASOS. Having a variety of heights allows for some modification.

I absolutely love the appearance of perfume/diffuser bottles. I have too many than I’d like to admit, however having them in the light is not good for the fragrances themselves. Having empty perfume/scent bottles is the best way that I can display the pretty bottles without ruining the actual scent inside.

Photo Frames
I like the minimalistic touch in my room and I don’t have any photos or ornaments on my walls. They’re just white. So having photo frames on my bookshelf is the best way for me to displays photos of family and friends. I only have white and silver photo frames. My favourite is this vintage-esque frame from Urban Outfitters.

I’m not really one for too many trinkets/ornaments. I have only have a few on display, however the blue egg adds a touch of colour without being overpowering, I really like this as it reminds me of Egypt, when I bought it from one of the Bedouin. The glass ornament was picked up on one of my trips to Dominica.

How do you fill any gaps in your bookshelf?


  1. This looks so beautiful and tidy!

    Hannah Rose



    1. I never even read it haha, had no desire to do so! x

  3. I have a book shelf and put bits and pieces on it, but it's hard to fit anything on it now because it's filled with so many books. It needs extending lol. I hope when I move I can have my own space for books and movies x

    Kate | A British Sparkle