15.06.15 – 3 Ways To Improve Your Blog, here
Talking about ways I’ve found to improve your blog that have really helped me.

16.06.15 – Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, here
I’ve been obsessed with this tinted moisturiser for over two months now, so it was about time I gave you the lowdown.

17.06.15 – The Felt Tip Lip Liner To Be Reckoned With, here
I finally dedicated a post and shared my thoughts on the felt tip liner I’ve been using for about two years. I know, I’m late.

18.06.15 – My Two Cents On The ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, here
The product that helped with my bad sleeping habit!

19.06.15 – 5 Minute Face, here
I very rarely have a lot of time in the morning to do my makeup, so I parted with my five-minute face.

20.06.15 – Southbank, London, here
I talk about one of my favourite spots in London.

21.06.15 – Summer Playlist, here
Summer has come! And here are my favourite tunes!

My highlight of the week was Tyler’s law presentation, which basically got sabotaged. It was meant to be about the Chris Brown case about Rihanna, however the last few slides consisted of a header that said “Shudda f*cked that bitch up” and “I like white bitches” and a couple of photos, of some random people. Doesn’t sound too funny now that I’m typing it, however I was in stitches! Especially as he didn’t know it had been tampered with!

What has been your highlight and favourite post of the week?

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