I always have and most probably always will love nail polish. I love how you can paint your nails to match your outfit, occasion or season, not to mention the many unique nail art designs. I have a lot of nail polishes in my collection and over the years, it’s only gotten larger. It’s inevitable that there’s going to be similar shades, which mean that I don’t ever have to repurchase a colour. That was until
I used the Maybelline Colour Show nail polish in Burgundy Kiss throughout winter last year, until it was almost finished and I then went out and repurchased it recently. This is a revelation for me because the only nail polishes I repurchase are treatments, such as top and base coats.

Burgundy Kiss is a gorgeous deep reddy brown shade and the thickness of the coats will determine how red or brown the final result is, accompanied with a glossy finish. I believe that the shade itself is a really sultry yet sophisticated colour that will go with a variety of occasions (even a wedding) and looks beautiful in the autumn and winter. It’s definitely one of my most used nail polishes and is my go-to nail polish for the colder months.

What’s your most repurchased nail polish?

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