Bourjois isn’t a brand that I would typically go to for base products. Their bases are really light and they don’t have an extensive colour range. I recently saw a tutorial, which featured the Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream, and Alex was using this to add a little bit of colour to the skin. At this point, I had a light bulb moment and thought that it may be the perfect shade for me to use as an actual base product rather than to add instant colour to my skin and this is the only way that I can currently enjoy Bourjois base products

This product has eight main claims. To even skin tone. Add a sheer tint. Boost radiance. Provide 16-hour moisturisation. To smoothe skin. Prolong a tan. Has SPF 15. Provide a refreshing sensation. With regards to the eight bold claims, I would agree with the fact that it adds a sheer tint and boosts radiance; they are the main factors as to why I like this product. I wouldn’t say it prolongs a tan because it just adds a tint. With it being a light product, it is somewhat refreshing on the skin. In all honesty, I wouldn’t say that many of the other claims are particularly noticeable.

I like to use this product by mixing it in with my current base, Nars Pure Radiant TintedMoisturiser. I tend to need a pump and a half to get a whole face worth of product. I have also used this product on it’s own as an actual BB cream! I love using this product because it adds a nice tint to my tinted moisturiser, which is a shade too light; it makes it the correct shade for me. I love having a dewy base and this also makes any base more dewy and looks a lot more natural as it sheers out my base.

Have you tried this product? What do you think?

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