I’m the sort of person who is constantly chopping and changing between bags. Sometimes this means downsizing my bag and along with that, the contents in it. This is often easier said than done, since I’m a self-professed over packer and I like to have options! I’ve found a few tips and tricks to help reducing the contents of my bag.
Know Your Necessities
The usual things that you’re genuinely going to need when you go out. For most of us, that includes, phone, purse and keys. I cant go anywhere without any of these things, I literally feel lost without them!

Reduce The Amount of Makeup
I personally don’t feel the need to carry around insane amounts of makeup. I don’t bring any eye products or concealer etc. The only thing I see a point in lobbying around is powder and lipstick for top ups throughout the day.

Downsize Your Content
Whenever I downsize to a smaller bag, I change my Michael Kors purse for my All Saints Business Card Holder. Beauty products and stationary also come in varying, travel friendly sizes.

Cards Not Cash
I personally don’t carry more than about £10 with me in case I lose my purse etc. as well as that, pretty much everywhere I shop, takes cards. This also means that I don’t need to carry around notes or change.

Be Honest
Be realistic with how much you actually need throughout the day when you’re out and about. The last thing you want is items spilling out of your bag and weighing down your bag!

How do you downsize your bag? Do you have any other tips?


  1. Great post! My bad is just full of crap. All the time. The Beauty Informer x

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it! x