LONDON, 10.07.2015

London, UK
In my Summer Bucket List, I mentioned how I want to explore London more. I find that because I live in London, I forget that there are still places to go and things to do happening all around me. I tend to just write and go to work. Last week my friends and I went to Camden and Brick Lane in North West London. I hadn’t been to Camden in the longest time, so it was nice to revisit!

Our first stop was Camden, where we went to the notorious Camden market where I picked up a couple pairs of sunglasses and my friends picked up some jewellery and some items of clothing. We had a quick pit stop in the nicest Starbucks ever for something quick to drink and then made our way to Brick Lane. Unfortunately we didn’t do much in Brick Lane as we got there as most of the shops were closing, however we made our way into a few vintage shops. I must say, vintage shops aren’t really for me as I like everything having it’s designated place and vintage/thrift shops tend to be crammed with things! The final place we ended up in before heading home, was beloved Nandos! Gotta love a chicken burger and chips with a bottomless drink!

Have you been to Camden or Brick Lane? Where’s your favourite place or thing to do in London?


  1. I love camden lock! I had a fun time at the stables market, and its a place I'll definitely be visiting again when i return to the uk. it has so much personality and i love how its a little gritty.


    1. I'll definitely be going back very soon! x

  2. Aww it's so pretty. I love the hidden spots of London, rather than the typical touristy places. I need to explore London some more xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle