Over the past couple of years, I’ve expanded my Essie nail polish collection. Nowadays, I very rarely buy a nail polish that isn’t Essie as they have an unbeatable shade range with a variety of finishes, whether it be glitter, magnetic or shimmer etc. I love everything about Essie, from the minimalistic bottle, to the reformulated polish, I love how the wands are now wider for a more precise application and the polish lasts around four to five days without any chipping. Anyway, here’s how my current Essie collection looks…

Fill The Gap – A base coat treatment to fill in any ridges.
Mademoiselle – A pale, natural pink.
We’re In It Together – A bright pink with iridescent shimmer.
Find Me An Oasis – An icy blue.
Secret Stash – A fuchsia pink.
Hip Anema – An orangey red.
Naughty Nautical – A turquoise green with iridescent shimmer.
Style Cartel – A dark, vibrant blue.
Mind Your Mittens – A blue with a green undertone.
Bobbing For Baubles – A deep navy blue.
Lady Godiva – A reddy brown.
Partner In Crime – A dark mauve brown.
Luxedo x2 – A deep purple.
Belugaria – A black polish with grains and silver glitter.
Set in Stones – Silver glitter in a clear polish.
Summit of Style – A warm tone gold glitter in a clear polish.
Rock At Top – A cool tone gold glitter in a clear polish.

My favourites would definitely have to be Luxedo, Bobbing for Baubles, Lady Godiva, Set in Stones and Summit of Style.

What is your favourite Essie Nail polish?


  1. Essie is probably one of my favourite brands for nail polish but this year I decided that I'm not going to buy any nail polishes, and so far so good. I have SO many that I definitely do not need any before I finish a handful of bottles. x


    1. That's got to take a lot of dedication, I'm not sure if I'd be able to do that! x

  2. I love Essie nail polishes! Have you ever seen 'Trophy Wife'? That is my favourite! :D
    Lovely collection.
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    1. Trophy Wife looks like a gorgeous shade!
      &thank you! x

  3. Essie is my favourite nail polish brand, and my favourite shade is Bikini So Teeny.


    1. Bikini So Teeny seems like the perfect Spring/Summer shade! x