I cannot remember the last time I’ve done a skincare routine (if ever) and I recently changed up quite a few products in my skincare routine. I have a pretty fuss-free and streamlined routine, which I do twice a day, in the morning and evening. I do use other product such as exfoliators, oils and masks etc, however that’ll be included in an upcoming post! So today’s post is just what I do on a daily basis!

For cleanser, I recently went back to The Body Shop Nutriganics Cleanser as I feel that it works better with my Magnitone Lucid*. I love the way that it’s a foam and lathers on the skin. I know that foaming cleansers are shunned upon in the beauty industry, but I just happen to really enjoy using this cleanser!

The Body Shop Tea Tree toner has been a firm favourite of mine for the past couple of months! I love tea tree oil any for helping with spots etc. however using this product twice a day has really helped in prevent spots as well as treating any that I get (e.g. hormonal breakouts). It’s also really refreshing on the skin, which is fantastic in helping to wake me up in the morning!

I tend to alternate between two serums; the first is the Sarah Chapman Intense Hydrating Booster. I love this as it helps to restore some hydration into my skin without leaving a residue on the skin. The other serum, I’ve been using is the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum* which I use to help with the pigmentation on my skin that has been left from acne scarring.

I recently switched my Burt’s Bee’s Eye Cream* for the Nourish Kale Biomimetic Anti Ageing Eye Cream*. I tend to get a little bit dry under the eye, so this helps to soothe keep the under eye area really hydrated. My only qualm with this product is the packaging, which distributes way too much product.

I’m currently using the Elizabeth Arden Refining Moisture Cream Complex. It’s perfect for this time of year as it’s extremely rich and hydrating, yet sinks into the skin really quickly. I hate waiting around for my moisturiser to sink in, but this absorbs really quickly as well as being nice and hydrating for my dehydrated skin.

Do you have any skincare products in particular that you enjoy using?


  1. Some great products here, I really love Burt Bee's Eye Cream as well! xx

    Jane | PoptartsBeauty | Youtube