This week, I think there has been quite a good mix of posts, ranging from festivals, beauty, blogging and a beefy monthly favourites too!

I was going to Wireless festival so I thought I’d show you what I was going to bring with me on the day!

Here’s the run down of all the beauty bits I’ve been loving throughout the month! A good mix of makeup and skincare!

I’m finally pretty content with my current skincare routine, in this post, I share with you my morning and evening skincare routine, minus the treatments and oils etc.

I’m not only an avid blogger, but I’m also an avid reader of a good blog, not only for amazing content, but also for photography and overall inspiration. Here are the blogs that I regularly read for various reasons!

I absolutely love to travel, and there have been a few destinations on my list for a while, so I thought I’d share my travel bucket list.

As aforementioned, I love reading other people’s blogs. Here are the posts that I personally like to read!

The highlight of my week was seeing Drake at Wireless! He was absolutely amazing live and I’ve definitely going to try and get tickets for the next time he’s on tour!  “Running through the 6 with my woes!”

What was your favourite post and highlight of the week?


  1. I bet Drake was insane! The highlight of my week was celebrating a year with my boyfriend! xx

    Hannah Rose

  2. He was amazing!! & Congratulations, hope you had a lovely time! x