I love to travel, it’s something that you can’t learn from a textbook, you just have to go out and experience it. I personally love photography and capturing beautiful, unique sceneries, which makes me, want to travel a lot more. Especially when you capture the culture and overall essence of a destination! There are a few places that I’d love to visit so, here’s the run down!

For some reason, I’ve always thought of Dubai as the place I would go to for a honeymoon. I’d love to go and stay at the notorious Atlantis Palm Hotel. Being a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I’d definitely love to check out the Dubai mall!

I love cities, and Amsterdam has been on the cards for a while now. It’s appears to be such a picturesque destination with so much to do! Quite a few people I know have been and absolutely loved it! Admittedly, a lot of them just got drunk, but I actually want to experience the city!

I’ve already been to Egypt, and it was by far one of the best places I’ve ever been too, I had so much fun and without a doubt, I’d go back with a second thought! The people are lovely and it’s such a nice, cultural place.

Hopefully next year, I’ll go on my first all-girls holiday! We haven’t decided where we will be going yet, but obviously to a party destination. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

I think America is one destination that would be on most people’s travel bucket list. I’ve never actually been before, but this year, I’m going to New York and Washington for a few days and fingers crossed next year, I’ll be going to LA or Florida! America is another place I need to go for the amazing shopping trips too! Yes, I’ll be broke, but it’s okay!

Brussels is another city that, along with Amsterdam, I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. Cities are pretty similar, for example London and Paris are very similar, however every city has it’s own niche and it’s nice to meet different people and experience different cultures!

From what I’ve seen these two places seem to be great for a week end away, just to relax and have some time to yourself! I love short breaks away to places such as Mykonos and Santorini as they’re so quiet and calm, perfect for some down time.

SouthEast Asia is a place that has been on the top of my to-go list as it just looks absolutely stunning with so much to do! There’s a complete culture difference and it appears that there is so much going on! In particular I’d love to visit Singapore and Thailand!

Have you been to any of these desinations? What’s on your travel bucket list?


  1. Theres so many places on here that I would love to visit aswell, literally nearly every place you want to go to I do to haha, there's so many beautiful places in this world! Xx

  2. I want to go to Amsterdam and my husband wants to go to Dubai. We are actually going to Santorini next year as it looks so relaxing x


    1. I hope you have a lovely time! x

  3. I want to go to Amsterdam and my husband wants to go to Dubai. We are actually going to Santorini next year as it looks so relaxing x


  4. Santorini is absolutely beautiful, it's like a dream. I stayed in Fira which is the opposite end to Oia (famous sunset) but I loved it that way. We were able to stay all day at secluded beaches, driving in whichever direction until we find somewhere to spend the day and it only took about an hour to get out to Oia to see that sunset. Santorini is definitely a must :)
    xx crampedclosets.blogspot.com

    1. I've heard quite a bit about Oia, it looks beautiful! I'll definitely check Fira out! x