If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that last week, my friends and I went to Wireless festival last week Friday when Drake was headlining! It was an extremely hot day, to the point where I got more than a tan; in fact I got heatstroke (I can assure you, it wasn’t fun). The best bit of the day was seeing Drake, who was bloody amazing! I’m definitely going to see him in concert! Since going to Wireless, I’ve experienced some dos and don’ts and here’s the compilation!

  •  Bring a sealed bottle of water/drink – It can be ridiculously hot and you need to keep hydrated, especially in crowds.
  •  Bring food to nibble on – If you’re front stage, you won’t want to leave your place and you wont need to leave, if you have food with you.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather – You don’t want to be dressed in something like jeans when the weather is scorching!
  • Bring a portable charger! – You’re phone will probably lose battery and you’ll want to catch most of the acts!

  • Go to the front of the stages – If you don’t like crowds and mosh pits, the front isn’t for you. I literally got pushed to the floor; drinks thrown over me and felt like my ribs were going to break.
  • Bring a bag – It will get in your way and be annoying for you to carry. You don’t need too many things to carry!
  • Leave too late or you’ll miss the last train! – My friend ended up missing the last train and ended up having to get a cab.
  • Get to the front row too late – Or you won’t be able to squeeze your way to the front.
  • Forget your ticket!

Have you been to any festivals lately?