I recently found out that I got into second year at college. In all honesty my summer has been pretty stressful since I’ve had it constantly at the back of my mind. I’m so happy, that I got the grades to continue studying at such a highly commended sixth form. There are some lessons I’ve learnt from first year, that I want to put to use for second year, so that I’m not in the same position when it really matters when choosing universities next year.

Read All Your Books Beforehand
Last year, I didn’t read any of the books that I was supposed to, I only read bits here and there that I felt that I needed. This year, I’m actually going to read all of the books I need to for more knowledge on the texts. In all honesty, I still haven’t read the books for this year, but I was waiting to find out whether I got in or not, but I guarantee, I’ll be spending the next ten days with The Great Gatsby and a highlighter in my hand!

Complete Coursework/Homework As Soon As You Can
I used to be that person who would do their homework the night they got it. Then GCSEs hit and it all went out of the window. I tend to do my work the night before and then if I have too much to do, I do what I can and then say to myself, I’m not going to kill myself over this (not literally) and if it didn’t get done then so be it. I know it’s a bad trait to have, but I’m not going to do that anymore, and I’m going to spend my frees keeping up to date.

Stick To Deadlines
I’ve never been one to stick to deadlines, even back when I was studying for my GCSEs. I learnt early on, that there are the teacher deadlines and the exam boards deadlines. I obviously stuck to the exam board’s deadlines, as I seem to work better under pressure. I’m actually going to try and break the habit of a lifetime and stick to the deadlines given by my teachers, to give me time to rectify any mistakes.

Work Less
When I go back to sixth form, I’m going to start working less. I’ve been working part time since before I even started college, so I don’t know what it’s like to only study (to be honest, I’ll probably never know as I like nice things, which I have to work for). I’m going to work a lot less, so that I have time to get my head down and put spend less hours working and more hours studying.

And voila! My 2nd year resolutions, fingers crossed I stick to them!

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