London, UK

I've lived in London all my life, and as I don't drive yet, I use public transport much more than I'd like to. Living in a city, there are some things that are absolute necessities and help with the day to day mundane. I've compiled a few things that make London living that little easier!
This is an absolute life saver for me. If I'm going somewhere I'm not too sure of I just type in my departing and arrival station and it plans out either the quickest route of the route that requires the least changes. One of the best things about this app is that it doesn't need wifi which is perfect for of you're on the tube already or have spontaneously changed your plans. 

There is always a lot going on in London, which is obviously a good thing, however it can be really hard to keep up with all the different events and shows etc. The London Official Events Guide app tells you what's currently occurring and cool things to see and do!

I very rarely go a day without using my oyster card as I genuinely feel lost without it. With this I can get all around London on the bus, tube and tram! This literally lives in my bag and I actually have two, just in case I lose one or need to top it up!

Sometimes I don't want to eat in the same places as I usually do, it's nice to switch it up and go to different places. I'm not one for being complacent when it comes to researching restaurants as I'm the worlds fussiest eater, however the Uncover app tells you the best restaurants to eat in London that have tables available for that day/evening/night.

This is another necessity for getting around London. I absolutely hate waiting for buses, especially in the cold. I'd rather spend an extra 10 minutes in my warm house, than waiting outside in the cold and rain (typical British weather). The Bus Times app not only tells you how long the bus is going to take, but it also estimates how many minutes it will take for you to reach your stop and when the next buses are coming. This is honestly, such a day to day live saver!

What are some of your travel essentials?


  1. Tube apps save my life when I'm in London! xx

    Hannah Rose

    1. Especially when they don't need wi-fi! x