I'm such an organised person and I love things being in their designated place! I recently switched around my makeup storage and had a huge clear out of my makeup and got rid of everything that I wasn't using and wasn't good anymore. I love how well my Muji drawers were keeping my makeup, however until now, I've never been happy how the contents of my malm drawer were being stored. I've finally found a way to store the products in my malm dressing table in an organised and efficient way!

I picked up some interior storage from Hobby Craft, as I knew that the few items I had looked at would fit perfectly in the draw! I purchased two A5plastic boxes and one Really Useful 4L Organiser. The plastic boxes not have kids and bases and I've used both the lids and bases individually to get more use age out of it.
In the first box, I store all of my makeup and eyeshadow palettes. It nicely fits my larger palettes such as my MAC pro palette as well as my smaller quads such as my Charlotte Tilbury and Smashbox palettes. The second box houses my makeup wipes and the 'overspill' of my makeup that doesn't fit in my Muji drawers or are backups. In the centre of the draw, I have the Organiser. This is my favourite part of this drawer. The large square contains my face and eyeshadow primers. The two narrow spaces have my eyeliners, sorted into black and coloured. There are four squared sections; one houses my eyelashes, sharpeners and tweezers, lip treatments and tinted lip balms. The longest section at the back has extra sponges and brushes. Continuing on with the A5 boxes, the third box has my everyday makeup and the final has my current skincare routine. Even with all this storage, there's still some space and I just keep my hair gels.

And there you go, a tour of my malm drawer. If you'd like to see my Muji, you can here!


  1. I have the Malm drawer too to store my make-up and I love it, you get so much room! I need some better containers though, I'll definitely have to check out hobby craft now!

    Toni x

    1. Yeah, it's lovely and spacious! x

  2. I really wish I could get this dressing table, but all mine is built-in :( I seriously love these posts and you have an amazing but manageable/uncluttered collection of products :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty