Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of ASOS. If you follow me on Instagram, in my outfit posts, there tends to be a whole lot of ASOS tagged. I'm literally a walking ASOS advert! One thing I've never done on my blog is an ASOS haul, which is weird considering I pretty much, have a delivery every other day (I have a problem, I know). I recently made an order containing a few bits I've had in my saved page, so here goes...

My black converses are basically wrecked after Wireless so I needed to purchase another pair of trainers. I decided to opt for the Old Skool Vans (£52.00) in black/white. I have annoyingly wide fleets and Vans seem to fit my feet really nicely, nicer than converses to be honest and I can just imagine how quick and easy these will be to style. I happened to buy a pair of Birkenstocks, which are definitely marmite shoes. Some people love them and others despise them. I also ordered the Birkenstock Arizona Sandals (£49.50). I happen to love them as I find them great to make an outfit more casual and they're also nice and comfortable. I know that summer is coming to a brisk end, however these are such classics and will always be on trend in summers to come (not that I care, but it's a bonus).

Being a blogger, I'm a sucker for any item that says I'm a blogger in some way. I found this on ASOS by Adolescent and it's their Blogging Print Tee (£18.00). It says blogging is better than jogging, which I most definitely agree with! I love how simple it is and I can just chuck it on when I have nothing to wear. I also picked up a couple pieces for the upcoming colder months. The first is a Black Sweatshirt (£16.00) to wear with jeans and trainers on those days that I feel like sh*t, bloated or like I just don’t care. I also picked up a Plain Black Hoodie (£18.00) because there are days when I don't want to wear a leather jacket or a bomber, but I want to throw something on and this seems like it will be the most appropriate and simplistic.
A couple of beauty products I picked up come in he form of the Balm Betty Lou-Manizer highlighter (£17.50). I have heard lots about the Cindy Lou-Manizer, however I thought that would be too stark for my skin tone. The Betty Lou-Manizer is a more bronzey shade. From what I've heard, it's a pretty intense highlight and I'm all about that faux glow! I finally purchased my own Tweezerman tweezers (12.50). These are definitely the best that I've ever tried, as they're so sharp and pointed and really get the pesky little hairs. The final beauty product I popped in my basket is the Elegant TouchCuticle Remover (£6.99). I really want to master my nail care routine and my cuticles are a big factor in achieving that. I was initially going to pick up the Essie Cuticle Oil, however it's out of stock, so I opted for this one instead!

Do you like ASOS? What have you purchased recently?


  1. You picked up some great pieces! I love those Vans and Mary-Lou Manizer is just beautiful! x

    TR's Thoughts

    1. Thank you, I'm so excited to give it a try! x

  2. I love ASOS! Just got a package myself actually so will be doing my own haul. Love your purchases! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

    1. ASOS is just amazing & thank you! x