When it comes to trying to perfect my base, I personally think that it mainly comes down to the brushes you use. I recently gave the run-down of my summer base which for an everyday base, I feel I’ve really perfected and achieve the look that I want with it. Recently whenever I’ve done my base I’ve been gravitating towards the same four brushes and here’s the low down.

Foundation – Zoeva Silk Finish Brush
For my everyday base, I usually like something nice and light on the skin. When I use light coverage products, I like to a brush that won’t lose any of the coverage. This brush from Zoeva is really densely packed and applies my base really nice and evenly.

Blusher/Highlight – Real Techniques Cheek Brush
I like the Real Techniques Cheek brush to apply blusher, bronzer and highlight (I have more than one). It applies just the right amount of product, not too much or too little.

Contour – Zoeva Sheer Cheek Brush
When applying my contour, I like a brush that isn’t too dense, nor too sparse. I don’t ever want to achieve a harsh contour and the Zoeva Sheer Cheek brush is angled and makes it really easy to contour. When I use this brush is like to contour my cheeks and then buff it out with this brush too.

Powder – Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face Brush
I love using this brush for applying my powder. When it comes to makeup, there’s nothing worse than being caked face and with this being a duo fibre brush, it doesn’t apply too much product and it allows you to build up the coverage.

What brushes do you like to use for your base?


  1. I really want to try the Zoeva Silk Finish Brush! x


    1. You should! It's amazing for achieving a good application for your base x

  2. I want to get a Zoeva brush, I've heard so many good reviews! I think you really need to try different brushes and techniques with different foundations...what might be great with one foundation might not work with another one!

    Rosie's Life

    1. You should! & I agree! It doesn't matter what it's marketed for, it depends on the individual! x