It's no secret that Instagram is one of my favourite forms of social networking. About a month ago, I shared with you the way I edit my Instagram photos, however recently I've changed the way I edit them. I still like the bright, white images however with a bit more colour and character. I found the old way I used to edit really restricting and this way allows me to post more lifestyle photos, as opposed to primarily blog photos! I was asked how I edit my Instagram photos, so here's Take II of the edit.
1. I always start editing my photos my using the Fade filter on my iPhone before moving onto the Afterlight editing app.
2. I almost always increase the brightness either to 25, 50 or 100, depending on how bright the photo is already.
3. I then clarity the photo to about 75.
4. Depending on the image, I'll increase the saturation to about 15, so that it's not to orangey and colourful.
5. I'll then alter the clarification to no more than 20, to ensure its not grainy.
6. I may go back in and brighten the image, depending on what it looks like.
7. I add either s blue or yellow highlight to about 30.

And voila, that's how I edit!

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