I've made it very obvious that Essie is not only my favourite nail polish brand, but it's also the nail polish brand that I own the most nail polishes from. I love pretty everything about Essie, from the extensive colour range, precise applicator and the lovely formula. A while back, I shared my current Essie Collection. There are so many colours from Essie and new shades coming out for different seasons and occasions. For someone interested in getting into Essie, it can be pretty daunting and overwhelming with the mass amounts of shades, so I've compiled an Essie starter kit.

Whenever I want a natural nail colour on my nails, I always look for this which is a neutral, pale pink. This is probably the perfect shade for if you're at school and aren't allowed to wear nail polish (like I wasn't) as it's not too obvious, yet makes the nails look a lot nicer.

Summit of Style
Out of all my glitter polishes, this is my absolute favourite. It's a nice warm-toned golden glitter in a clear polish. Whenever I want to jazz up my nails, this is the polish I tend to gravitate towards.

Find Me An Oasis
I love this shade for the Spring, because I'm all about the pastels in the transitioning season. Find Me An Oasis is a nice icy blue shade. I think it's the type of colour that would look good on a variety of skin tones and it's a good substitute from a stark white.

Hip Anema
Hip Anema is an orangey red shade that I love using in the Summer. I typically wear either black or dark outfits and this shade adds a nice, pop of colour to any outfit.

This is my go-to nail polish colour for any event and especially in the colour months. It's such a sophisticated shade. It's a really nice alternative from black or navy. Luxedo is a deep block purple, I especially like it as there's not a hint of shimmer in it.

What are your favourite Essie nail polishes?


  1. I've never tried any Essie polishes before so this was a great read for me! I especially want to try Summit of Style x

    TR's Thoughts

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. You definitely should! x

  2. There are so many options with Essie, super love their polishes. I personally love Sand Tropez and Wicked! I also love using the Apricot cuticle oil, it smells amazing and works wonderfully!

    Cindy // www.cindyhyue.com

    1. Sand Tropez looks stunning, and Wicked is on my list of Essie polishes to get! I'm definitely going to pick up the cuticle oil! x

  3. i have Funny Girl and Fiji! These shades are so lovely, may have to pop to Boots later! xx

    Hannah Rose