I tend to do the full pamper mundane on a Sunday evening, however as the days go by, I feel like I need a mid week refresh, to also prepare me for the weekend ahead and any parties or gatherings that may be happening. I tend to do these on Wednesdays or Thursday evenings.

I wash my hair twice a week as once I put gel in my hair, it doesn't feel nice straightening it once, I've put lots of product through I do to straighten it afterwards. It somewhat lacks movement. I use the Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner to thoroughly cleanse and nourish my hair.

I like to shave midweek to keep up the momentum. I wear a lot of jeans and trousers that are ankle grazers as I feel like they're really faltering with a nice pair of flats and therefore I need to ensure that my legs and whatnot are hair free.

By this point, my nail polish has shipped and it's time to redo them again. I absolutely can't stand chipped nail polish and having a fresh manicure makes me feel a lot more put together and fresh.

I use a more abrasive facemask once a week, however I use a much more gents facemask for a mid week pick me up. The Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask is always my go to as its really gentle on the skin, yet it still good enough to keep me going until the end of the week where I use a more harsher face mask.

What do you do to pamper yourself?


  1. These all these sound like they make a great midweek pick-me-up combination. Those Essie polishes look lovely and the Simple mask sounds great for a gentlish deep cleanse :) x
    Charlotte's Road

  2. I love Essie polishes! I like to wear them with the Sally Hansen crystal clear top coats. What shades is that? It looks like a gorgeous plum!

    Emily // Lynde Avenue

    1. They're Summit of Style and Partner in Crime x