I've always liked piercings and I actually received my first piercing when I was a few months old. Over a decade actually passed before I got my next piercing, which happened to be when I hit that age when everyone seems to be getting loads of different piercings. I recently got a new piercing to add to the mix and I know have 9 so thought I'd share with you all of my current piercings and everything about them, for example pain, cost etc. With all my piercings I’ve used saline solution to clean them.

My lobes were my first piercings and I got them done when I was a few months old. Obviously I can't remember the pain, cost or anything, but I've never had the, re pierced and I'm almost 18, so go figure!

Navel: Pain: 5/10 Cost: £15 Recommend: If you want it done. Would I Get it Done Again? Maybe
Navel, A.K.A my belly button. I got this done when I was 14 with my friend Guerdine, who also got hers pierced too. The pain wasn't too bad and compared to other piercings I have was somewhat a breeze. My only advice would be not to bend over because that leaves a long, horrible pain. I would recommend it if you want to get it done, I personally still like mine, although unlike my ears, isn't something I see all the time. If the hole closed up, I probably wouldn't get it repierced just because whether I have it or not doesn't bother me.

2nd Lobes: Pain: 1/10 Cost: £5 Recommend: If you want it done. Would I Get it Done Again? Yes
When I got my 2nd's done on my lobes, I was 15. I initially wanted my 2nd and 3rds done on one ear, but I just change my mind and got another one on each. The pain was next to none as its so quick when you get it done, you don't really feel any pain, just a throbbing sensation. I didn't have any after pain either. Again, it's one that I'd say to get one of you want one, I really like mine and it means that I can wear my jewellery and have various sized pieces in there. I would get it done again because it's pain free and I think it looks nice.

Cartilage: Pain: 7/10 Cost: £15 Recommend: Yes. Would I Get it Done Again? Yes
I got my cartilage done when I was 16, it was one of the piercings I really wanted, but waited until I'd finished school to get done as we weren't allowed anything other than our lobes. This one really hurt as its thick to get through. I would recommend this if you're looking to get something other than your lobes pierced and it's one that I would get done again. My cartilage piercing was the one piercing that didn’t heal nicely; I got a bump on the back and had to use crushed aspirin and water to get rid of it.

3rd Lobe: Pain: 1/10 Cost: £5 Recommend: If you want it done. Would I Get it Done Again? Probably Not
This is pretty much the same as my firsts and second lobe piercings. It didn't hurt at all and I got it done on the same day as my cartilage. I probably wouldn't get it done again as I hardly ever wear jewellery in it.

Tragus: Pain: 8.5/10 Cost: £15 Recommend: If you want it done. Would I Get it Done Again? Yes
I got my tragus pierced when I was 16 too and I literally had a two-hour free I'm college and decided to get it done. I would definitely recommend getting it done, if you're thinking about it. Bare in mind you won't be able to use earphones until it's healed. I stupidly forgot that when I spontaneously decided to get it pierced and had to go 6-8 weeks with one earphone in and the other one dangling down. I would get it done again even though it f*cking hurt and I was doing some insane facial expressions whilst getting it done. This piercing did hurt the most out of all my piercings, but I think was worth it. Afterwards I did experience intervals of throbbing in my ear.

Nose: Pain: 6.5/10 Cost: £15 Recommend: Yes. Would I Get it Done Again? Yes
This is my latest acquisition and is the one that spurred is post. I actually got this done a few weeks ago and it's definitely up there with one of my faves! The pain is about a six and a half because I didn't remember how long it tool, although t didn't take hours or even minutes, but it felt like it took no because obviously the needle had to go through and then the jewellery. I'd definitely recommend it if it's something you want done. I know some people, won't be able to get it done due to work or school etc. but if you can and you want to, definitely do it! I would do it again in a heartbeat! But maybe that because it's brand new, ask me again I'm 6 months!

Do you have any piercings? What's your favourite?

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