When it comes to makeup, I am a palette fiend! One of the latest additions to my palette stash is the Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette (£17.00). Until this palette, I had never tried anything from Smashbox, however I’ve heard a lot about the Smashbox Full Exposure and Double Exposure palettes. One day I was cruising the Boots website and as soon as I saw this palette, I fell in love with it and quickly popped it in my basket!

There are eight shades in this palette, consisting of the top row of shimmers and the bottom row of matte shades. This is the ultimate travel palette as it’s very slim and lightweight with a little mirror. I like the fact that it doesn’t have an applicator because quite frankly, they’re crap. The product itself is really pigmented, there isn’t one shade in this palette that lacks pigmentation. If like me, you love neutrals, then you’ll love this palette because all of the shades are really wearable. This palette is a nice and versatile palette. I’ve used this palette for nights out as well as for simple everyday looks.

Shades: 1. Shimmery Brown 2. Warm Toned Bronze 3. Creamy Highlight 4. Blue toned Charcoal 5. Warm Toned Brown 6. Matte Beige 7. Creamy Matte 8. Cool Toned Brown

Have you tried this palette? Do you have any Smashbox favourites?

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