If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I've been on the hunt for the ultimate medium sized black handbag. I recently found this gem on Topshop. It's a leather and suede holdall bag. I personally like leather pieces, because I feel they wear better. I'm the spirit of getting a new bag, it's only right that I do an updated what's in my bag.

For starters, in the outer zip, I keep my Oyster card, as I need to keep it close to hand. I have a habit of forgetting my Oyster card (or accidentally putting it in the washing machine) and anyone who lives in London knows how important an Oyster card is, I literally feel lost without it! On the odd occasion when my iPhone isn't in my hand or in my pocket, I have put my iPhone 5S in there (I'm waiting for the new iPhone to come out!). In the remainder of the bag, I of course have my Michael Kors Purse, which I love. It fits in all of my cards as well as my iPhone as it was especially designed for the iPhone to slide into the middle slot...genius! My All Saints business card holder houses any extra cards such as gift cards and my student card (gotta get those discounts)!

I recently picked up this copper pouch from Monki, as I hate the idea of things rummaging around the bottom of my bag. I keep my 'touch up' makeup such as lipstick and powder etc. I also keep my phone charger, which is an absolute essential for any iPhone owner. I also tend to chuck my tangled earphones in there too with a few hairbands and bobby pins.

I tend to do a lot of work whilst travelling to work; events and meetings etc. as I like to be productive or entertained on my travels. I've been being my iPad mini around with me a lot lately so that I can listen to music and write blog posts. I also bring my Caudalie notebook and a pen for the odd time that I want to actually jot down any ideas.

The last couple of things I have are my Michael Kors Key Pouch that has my keys and my sunglasses. I really like this as it means that my keys are in one place and don't scratch anything else in my bag. The final thing in my bag is my sunglasses which I picked up from Camden, in the hope that there's a bit of sun, which is a notorious rarity in London!

What are some of your handbag essentials?


  1. I love seeing what others have in their bags haha xD I also always have my phone in my hand!

    Rosie's Life