During my time blogging, I’ve somewhat come up with a process when it comes to blogging. It’s in my nature to have everything regimented and organised because I like everything to run smoothly, otherwise I feel like I have a loss of control and I don’t like that feeling! I’ve found a process that really works for me, to help me stay on top of everything and keep things in order

Before I even come to terms with a blog post to write, I like to find inspiration. I find inspiration from all kinds of places, however most of them consist of other people’s instagram photos, reading other people’s blogs and reading magazines, such as Elle and Vogue. Once I’ve decided on the post/s I want to write or feature on my blog, I then plan them in my diary so that I know when a particular post is due to be published.

I then like to write notes before I jump in with both feet and start writing, as I often don’t know where to start. By jotting down some notes, I can gather my thoughts and make sure that I included everything that I want, in the order in which I like. I literally have notepads floating around everywhere, in my bedroom, in my bag and the note section on my phone etc. I tend to use any notebook, however my favourite has to my little Caudalie notebook, as it’s so cute and dinky!

The next stage in my process is to write and photograph. This stage can happen either way, whether I write then photograph or photograph or write. It purely depends on the post and if I’ve pre-written it. When photographing my products, I still don’t feel like I’ve found my niche, so I like to go on pinterest and look for further inspiration and whip out all my photography bits etc. When I get writing, I usually just open up a word document and pop down a list of all the posts I’m going to (attempt) to write, as I usually bulk write (for example, I’ve currently got three blog posts alongside this post). After I’ve written, photographed and linked my posts, I then publish it and schedule it for a set time and day that was previously decided when planning beforehand.

When it comes to social media, twitter in particular, I like to schedule my tweets so that I don’t really need to remember to promote any blog posts! I promote on Instagram once the post has gone live as I like to make sure it looks good with previous photos!

I’ve mentioned in a previous post how important it is for my to reply to my readers’ comments. I like my readers’ to engage in my content and it’s common courtesy to reply to your comments, however more importantly, I love interacting with you guys!

Do you have a blogging process?

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