Nowadays, I watch YouTube way more than traditional TV. Over the years, my YouTube subscription list has drastically changed. When I first started watching YouTube, I was really into music videos and it then slowly transitioned to comedy and beauty. Lately I’ve the content that I watch has changed yet again. I’m really interested in vlogs and beauty videos. I recently went through my subscriptions and unsubscribed from people I don’t really watch anymore, so here’s the low down…

Vivianna Does Makeup                                                                     Diary of a Spendaholic
Hello October                                                                                      Amelia Liana
Pixiwoo                                                                                                 Ally Valentine
Kassia Poh                                                                                            Mouldy Fruit
Gabriella                                                                                               Fleur De Force
Lily Pebbles                                                                                         Claire Marshall
I Covet Thee                                                                                        Miss Budget Beauty
Estee Lalonde                                                                                      InThe Frow
Emily Victoria                                                                                     Nathalie Paris
Tamira Jarrel                                                                                         Jaclyn Hill

Patricia Bright                                                                                       The Persian Babe
Lily Melrose                                                                                          Beauty Crush
Shirley B Eniang                                                                                    Lexi A.N
Ugly Face of Beauty                                                                             Dolly Bow Bow

SacconeJolys                                                                                         Emily Victoria
Jake Boys Vlogs                                                                                     The Michalaks
Belles Boutique                                                                                    Rochelle Clarke
Jamie and Niikki                                                                                    Britpoplife Vlogs
ExtraSunBeamsJess                                                                              Essie Button Vlogs
Fleur De Vlog                                                                                        Gabriella Lindley
Daily Bumps                                                                                          Russell Brand
LaToyas Life                                                                                          Casey Neistat

Fun For Louis                                                                                        Mr Ben Brown

Who's in your YouTube Subscription list?

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  1. This is great for subscription-inspiration :) I love most of the same Youtubers as you!

    Rachel | Beauty and The Bird