Simple is a brand that I’ve always usedand loved. Whether it is their cleanser, toner and moisturiser or their deepcleansing mask etc. Just over a year ago, the Simple Kind To Skin+ Illuminating Radiance Cream* was launched withother products from the Kind To Skin* range. When I initially tried out thisproduct, I didn’t really understand it as I felt that was really doing anythingfor me. Consequentially, I held out on writing a review, because quite frankly,I was confused and obviously couldn’t write a review on a product that I hadn’tformed an opinion on yet. A few months later, in the spring/summer I thought I’dwhip out this product and give it another try and lo behold, I actually really like thisproduct and it was a really standout product for the warmer months!

This product is a hydrating white creamwith a really light and consistency which easily blends into the skin and isinfused with light reflecting minerals. The unique selling point for thisproduct is that the light reflecting minerals capture the light to give animmediate radiance boost to the skin. There are various ways to use thisproduct, whether it be on it’s own or mixed into your base. I personally liketo use it underneath my base (usually a tinted moisturiser) for a natural “glowfrom within” appearance and I find that one pump is more than enough productfor the face. I find that it makes my base look a lot more dewy and radiant. Thisproduct also has an SPF 15, which is a great amount for everyday.

Have you tried this product or anythingelse from Simple? What are your standout products?

*Gifted PR Samples

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