Towards the end of summer, I said that I would continue to post regular content, every other day. I’ve been sticking to my word, however I haven’t been posting at the times I initially set out to do so. The main reason for this is that I didn’t really know what to write, until the day came. Needless to say, it put quite a bit of strain on me because I’m usually a very organised person. Writers block really interfered with my schedule, however I’ve hopefully overcome it and for anyone else who may be in the same position as me, I’ve compiled some ideas for potential blog posts!

1. Wardrobe Staples. – The Items That You Absolutely Must Have In Your Wardrobe.
2. A Tour of Your Workspace. – Show A Tour Of Where You Carry Out Your Work.
3. A Beauty Haul. – Share Some New Beauty Bits You’ve Picked Up Recently.
4. Location Guide – E.G. Guide To New York. – Talk Through Some of The Best Places To Visit/Eat.
5. Favourite Blogs To Read. – Everyone Wants A Good Blog To Read and Get Inspiration From.
6. How I Edit My Instagram Photos. – If You’re A Fan of Instagram, People Will Want To Know Your Editing Process.
7. My Week In Photos. – Share What You’ve Been Up to In An Informal Way.
8. A DIY / Hack. – Show A Step-By-Step Series of A DIY / Hack.
9. Inspiration – Style, Office etc. – Take To Pinterest / Tumblr And Share Your Inspirational Finds.
10. Holy Grail Beauty Products. – Talk About Your All – Time Favourite Beauty Products.
11. Your Blogging Process. – Compiling Your Process For Producing Relevant and Interesting Content.
12. A Recipe. – Share Your Favourite Recipe For A Particular Meal or Dessert.
13. Staple Scents. – Your Favourite Scents of All Time.
14. Current Favourite Reads. – Share The Books or Magazines You’re Currently Reading.
15. Location Post – E.G. London Docklands. – Showcase Photos and Thoughts About A Particular Location.
16. An Ode To… - A Blog Post Dedicated To A Brand or Product.
17. Current Playlist. – A Post of What You’re Currently Listening To.
18. What’s In My Bag? –A Cheeky Little Tour of Your Handbag and Switch it Up For Different Locations / Occasions.
19. Skincare Staples. – Your All Time Favourite Skincare Products.
20. Current Favourite Jewellery Pieces. Show Your Favourite Pieces of Jewellery of The Moment.

How Do You Deal With Writers Block? Do You Have Any Other Post Ideas?

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