I feel like I'm somewhat over makeup. I've pretty much got everything I want for now and I have all bases covered (literally). I've started to develop more of an interest in skincare. I am on the hunt to develop the ultimate skincare routine for various different seasons and for when my skin is going to rough different stages. I recently picked up a few bits to try and better my skincare routine.

I thought I would repurchase the La Roche Posay Serozinc because it's one of my absolute favourite toners. It's such a cool and refreshing toner and I wanted to stock up. I've always wanted to try out some products from the Super Facialist range. I recently saw Lily Pebbles talk about the Micellar Water and since I ran out of my Nivea Micellar water, I figured I’d give it a go. If you saw my most recent skincare routine, you’ll know that I really like using the Tea Tree Toner from The Body Shop and I wanted to try a little bit more from the range, so I picked up the Tea Tree Cleanser because I truly think that using products with less saturated tea tree in it, really helps to tame my blemishes. Another item I picked up from The Body Shop is the Cleansing Gel Oil because I really love using cleansing oils to remove my makeup. It’s a part of the Nutriganics range, which I typically like (despite it being marketed for aging skin). Simple has always been a brand that I’ve used for many years now and since I sometimes struggle to remove my eye makeup, I picked up their Simple Eye Makeup Remover in the hope that it would quickly and efficiently take off my eye makeup.

I’ve never tried anything from the Soap & Glory skincare range; I’ve only ever tried their makeup. Everyone seems to love their skincare and in particular the Soap & Glory exfoliator, so I popped a little travel size mini in my basket and it smells, divine! The final thing I purchased was Hand Food, which is the nicest smelling hand moisturiser with the notorious Soap & Glory scent!

What have you picked up lately?

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