I don’t know about you, but like many people nowadays, I couldn’t live without my phone. In the past when I’ve lost my phone (the time when I left it on a bus and another time when I left it on a train to Marylebone) I myself, feel lost. I hate waiting in the cold for a bus and not knowing that in actual fact it’s delayed and not coming for 17 minutes. I love having a little nosey to see what are on other people’s phones so here are some of the apps taking up my 64GB along with the other unnecessary apps (e.g. stocks and garageband).

  • Instagram (I like to upload snippets of my blog and day @lottiechristmas)
  • Twitter (tweet tweet @lottiechristmas)
  • BBC News (Need to keep up to date with the world)
  • Tube Map
  • Spotify (I love to listen to some good tunes)
  • Afterlight (One of my editing apps)
  • Snapseed (Where I edit the brightness of my photos)
  • Blogger
  • VSCO (Another one of my editing apps)
  • Y Plan (I don’t even know what this app is)
  • Hootsuite (I like to schedule my tweets to keep on top of my blogging)
  • Poto
  • Snapschat (I occasionally upload a snap here & there @charlottexmas)

What are some of your favourite apps?