2015 has probably been my favourite year, to date with regards to blogging and the content I’ve produced. I’m not usually one to get bogged down with statistics, however the stats don’t lie and they’ve shown that the following have proven to be the most popular!

Over the past few years, cream products have become firm favourties in my makeup medleys, however cream eyeshadows have definitely moved up on my list of holy grail products!  I find that cream eyeshadows are especially good to use as a base and in the summer for stunningly effortless makeup!...READ MORE

Instagram is most definitely one of my favourite forms of social media. It’s most definitely an extension of my blog. The bright, white theme from my blog is also represented on my instagram feed (@lottiechristmas). Being a blogger, any form of social media is a representation of my blog...READ MORE

I recently revamped my makeup bag for spring, I absolutely love changing up my makeup bag as I get to use products that I may not use as often and I get to follow the reinvigorated trends for the season. A handful of the products I use are genuine staples in my collection and very rarely get changed up unless...READ MORE

I’ve recently made a comeback to Blogger! There were a number of factors that made me leave to Squarespace, however a year has passed now and I’ve decided to come back to blogger. I thought I’d touch upon a handful of the reasons why I’ve decided to come back, just in case anyone is thinking about starting or moving a blog to consider a few factors...READ MORE

Over the past few years, I’ve come across various different ways to improve a blog. Now I’m not saying that I’m a blogging expert, but I have been blogging for over two and a half years. I started with the basic blogger template and I tried my utmost to work around such limited resources. I’ve spent countless hours on YouTube and blog forums learning everything from editing, deciphering and writing HTMLs and CSS...READ MORE

Last week, I officially finished my exams! I’m not properly off for summer yet, but I’m somewhat acting as though I am! There are a few things that I’d like to achieve this summer to have a really fun and memorable summer...READ MORE

It’s just my luck that sometimes, I have trouble whether it’s from stress or there being too many things on my mind, for some reason, my brain thinks it’s the best time to be super active and awake, (couldn’t you have been this awake when I was about to fall asleep in my English lesson?!)...READ MORE

More often than not, I don’t have a great deal of time to do my makeup in the mornings. I don’t know about you, but I would rather have an extra ten minutes in bed. With this being said, I only end up having a little over five minutes to do my makeup, so here’s the low down...READ MORE

Being a blogger is fun and it’s great producing content all the time. However sometimes it gets to a point where I get writers block, especially when it’s times like this, where I’m posting everyday. I was looking on twitter the other day and I saw that some fellow bloggers had run out of ideas, so I’ve compiled 30 ideas for other content creators...READ MORE

So June has basically passed us and we are almost in May. So it’s now that time when I round up everything that I have been loving throughout the month of June. There have been quite a few newbies to my stash and a couple rediscoveries. So let's jump in...READ MORE

I recently decided that I wanted a new bedside table and I obviously went to my number one place for affordable furniture, IKEA! I came across the Nesna bedside table, however it only comes in one colour, beech. My room consists of white and silver, therefore beech would have stuck out like a sore thumb. I then took to my best friend Google and came across an IKEA hack, so I thought I’d do one myself...READ MORE

So festival season is well and truly underway and I have a festival to go to in a few days so I thought I would share with you what is in my festival bum bag. When it comes to bumbags (or fanny packs) I really don't like them as they just don't suit my style however I found one on Hannah Cox's Instagram and it was this beautiful tassel bumbag from ASOS and it’s nicest I've come across...READ MORE

A new season, a new makeup look (or just a revamped one). I’ve been gravitating towards one makeup look in particular over the past few weeks. Consisting of a really natural, basic base with a bronzey brown eye and a dark nude lip. I’ve switched up my Summer Base 101 by using a heavier coverage concealer and losing the highlight (crazy I know)...READ MORE

This time next week, I’ll be across the pond, in America. Being a blogger and the avid beauty lover I am, I have compiled the beauty bits that I’ll be taking with me to the states despite the extensive shopping list I have saved in the notes section on my iPhone. If you too have an upcoming trip and are feeling a little lost about what to take...READ MORE

Today, as you’re reading this, I’m flying out to Washington DC, so today I’m going to be sharing with you what’s in my carry on luggage, featuring some in flight essentials. For my hand luggage, I always turn to my trustee LongChamp Le Pliagetravel bag in Khaki. It’s a really good size, fits in the cabin and is a nice travel appropriate colour! I used to use a little suitcase for my hand luggage...READ MORE

I recently purchased a few bits from MAC as I hadn’t bought anything for a while and there were a few things that were on my ‘to buy’ list and so I finally purchased a few of them before I forgot again! I’ve still got a list of MAC things as long as my arm, but here are the items I picked up the other week...READ MORE

It's no secret that Instagram is one of my favourite forms of social networking. About a month ago, I shared with you the way I edit my Instagram photos, however recently I've changed the way I edit them. I still like the bright, white images however with a bit more colour and character...READ MORE

What's been your favourite post of 2015?

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