I've been getting gel nails for over two years now and I thought it was about time that I started doing it myself because I get bored so easily and I wanted to be able to change the colour myself as and when I want to. I've been trying out the Sensationail Kit (£69.99) for almost a year now and it's finally time for my verdict.


  • LED Lamp
  • Nail File
  • Gel Cleanser
  • Gel Primer
  • Gel Base/Top Coat
  • Gel Polish

I've used the Sensationail Kit two various ways. The first is by doing a gel sandwich where I use the gel base coat with a normal nail polish and then cure it with the gel top coat and the LED lamp. The second way is the way in which it's supposed to be used. I prep my nails by cutting and filing them, ensuring that my bare nails aren't chipped to allow for a smooth base. I then use the gel primer to prepare my nails for the gel base coat and then cure it. This is then followed by a gel polish which gives is the gel colour and I do two coats to increase the longevity, making sure that I cure it with the LED lamp in between each coat. To finish the gel manicure, I use the gel top coat and cure it then use the gel cleanser.

I remove my gel polish by getting soaking cotton balls in acetone wrapped in foil and I leave it for about 10-15 minutes to allow for the gel polish to be removed. 

I find that I get a good 9 days wear from this gel polish when it's on my hands, however on my toes, I find that it does live unto it's claim of lasting for 14 days. There is a range of gel polishes available to purchase separately at around £15 each. I have three shades at the moment; Blue Yonder, Babydoll Pink and Scarlet Red.

Have you tried gel nails? What's your verdict?

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