When it comes to winter, there are certain nail polish shades and finishes that I really gravitate towards. At this time of the year, I have well and truly put away my pastels and light pinks for a few months and like to whip out some deep and festive shades!

Although I do love a good glitter nail polish throughout the year, I especially love wearing it in the colder months, particularly when it’s the festive period. My favourite nail polishes most definitely comes from Essie. The formula is just unbeatable, unlike many other glitter polishes, the glitter doesn't all bulk together, instead it distributes evenly. My favourite glitter nail polishes are Summit of Style and Set in Stones, obviously both from Essie.

I'm fairly new in the gel polish department, however i have taken a liking to the Sensationail Kit. For winter, I am all over Blue Yonder which is the most beautiful dark navy blue with a hint of shimmer in it which catches the light effortlessly. Navy blues are very fitting with the colder months too! One thing I do like about gel nail polishes is that they last on the nails for such a long time without chipping!

I've come to the realisation that this season, purple is definitely turning up to be my favourite colour to wear on my nails. My current favourite purple nail polishes are the Soigne Vin Rouge and the Revlon Scented Enamel in Wild Violets. Both polishes are absolutely stunning on the nails and would suit a wide spectrum of skin tones. Unlike the Soigne nail polish, Wild Violets by Revlon has got some shimmer in it.

What are some of your favourite nail polishes for winter?


  1. Those Essie shades are gorgeous, Summit of Style is one I really want to try!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. You should, It's one of my favourites! x