With it being the New Year, a lot of people like to try and take up hobbies and gain new interests. I know that I personally took up blogging in January 2013 as I wanted to try something new. With anything new, the hardest thing is to get started, so hopefully this archive will help any newbies to blogging get a kick start.

I've recently been going over the bbloggers hashtag more than usual and I noticed a recurring theme which people were mentioning; it was the fact that they want to blog but they don't have the budget, so although I wouldn't say I stick to a budget, I don't spend an obscene amount and I thought I'd compile my tips and tricks for those of you in the same position as the aforementioned ...READ MORE

Whenever people find out that I am a blogger, there is always that handful of questions that get asked repeatedly, so I thought I would just pop them in a post for you, in the unlikely event that you too were wondering the same things ...READ MORE

Whenever people find out that I have a blog, one of the questions that tend to get asked is “Why do you blog?” If whilst talking to my friends I bring up something I need to go home and do with regards to blogging, they always say it seems like so much effort. In all honesty, blogging is a long process, however I wouldn’t for one minute continue to do it if it was something that I genuinely enjoyed ...READ MORE

Since starting blogging, my equipment/kit has considerably grown. I’m pretty content with it at the moment as it allows me continue to create content frequently; however there is one thing still a few things missing from it. I thought I’d share my current blogging equipment in case any of you are on the hunt for a few things or want an opinion if you’re considering purchasing something! ...READ MORE

I’ve now been blogging for over two and a half years and I can honestly say that it’s one of the best things I have ever chosen to do. For a while now, I’ve been going back and forth about whether to do this type of blog post, but recently I’ve had an urge, more now than ever before to do so ...READ MORE

The night before I went to Paris, I was raiding the AppStore looking for different apps for my 5 hour all round trip to France. Whilst on my hunt, I came across a useful app that could benefit us all! If you're like me and you like putting ideas together or writing whilst on commute, the BlogGo app is your best friend ...READ MORE

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