When it comes to blogging, producing enticing and interesting content is the most important. Without having content that people want to read, they won't come back to your blog that you've spent so much time, effort and in some cases money on. I've compiled various different posts based on my experience in producing online content.

For the past few months, over summer I have been producing content to my blog on a daily basis. During this time, I’ve learnt my fair share of lessons that have come as a result of producing this mass of content and I thought I’d share them!  ...READ MORE
During my time blogging, I’ve somewhat come up with a process when it comes to blogging. It’s in my nature to have everything regimented and organised because I like everything to run smoothly, otherwise I feel like I have a loss of control and I don’t like that feeling! I’ve found a process that really works for me, to help me stay on top of everything and keep things in order  ...READ MORE

When renowned and successful bloggers are asked how to become a successful blogger, they often say the key is to be yourself and find your niche, the thing that makes you different. I’ve been blogging for two and a half years now, however I would never class myself as a successful blogger in terms of numbers, however success is different to everyone and I would class myself as successful with regards to my written content!  ...READ MORE

Since I started blogging, I’ve come across some things that I wish I knew about when I started blogging as I feel knowing these beforehand, could have really helped me and given me a kick start! Here are a few things that I wish I knew back in 2013...
1. CSS and HTMLs are a b*tch to work with. Learn how to decipher and write them, and you'll be thankful for it  ...READ MORE

Since blogging, I have come across number of things that I have learnt a long the way. All of these things, I’ve experienced myself, so I’m going to share with you a handful of things that I’ve learnt over the past two and a half years!
1| It’s Not An Essay ...READ MORE


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